Seattle Small Business Shout-Out: El Gallito

June 26, 2009

Que rico! At the Living Small house, cravings for Mexican food are more than commonplace. They happen daily, maybe even bi-daily. So, to satisfy our jones for a most delectable chimichanga, we hoof it to El Gallito, a small, family-run restaurant that we Smallers have determined to be Central Seattle’s only place for Mexican fare. (Correct me if I’m wrong, Seattleites.)

From the street, Gallito looks a little divey: bars on the windows, neon beer signs, a shady entry. But the seedy aspect is worth overlooking, es verdad. The service is friendly (always, always, though sometimes a bit slow), the food classically delicious, and the price is just right for the heaping platters of grub that yield at least 2.5 meals. Particularly savory is the house-made salsa — yowch! Hot stuff. Located at the corner of 20th & E. Madison; call 206.329.8088 for hours and takeout.

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3 Responses to “Seattle Small Business Shout-Out: El Gallito”

  1. Justin The (Enchilada) Man said

    I llove the Gallito! Yum, yum…

  2. Gina said


    I work across the street and it is one of my fav lunch places. I have to stop myself from going every day- as delicious as it is I tend to overdo on the guacamole, and my boss frowns upon lunch time margaritas (how rotten is that!)

  3. Ooh. If only I worked across the street!

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