People in glass houses…

July 3, 2009

High five to Heike, who built a wee-little outdoor shed from discarded windows:

Design*Sponge featured Heike’s “hideaway” (a misnomer, right? I mean, it’s made of glass.), lauding the reuse factor: “it’s so great to see people who are inspired by something seemingly left over and fit for the trash,” D*S dueña Grace Bonney writes, “and end up imagining (and creating) something new and beautiful.”

My Small sentiments exactly.


3 Responses to “People in glass houses…”

  1. Brooke said

    This reminds me of a book I read in one of my first interior design classes on small spaces. Each chapter was on a certain size room, starting at 100 sq. ft., a dorm room, growing larger and grander. Cute little book with such delicious photography. If you know the title/author I’m referring to, send it my way, just can’t seem to find it again!

  2. Sounds very cool, Brooke. I’ll ask my librarian husband to look for it; he loves a good treasure hunt. Anything else you can remember about it to aid his search?

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