A Recipe for Oilcloth

July 10, 2009

Who doesn’t love oilcloth? That texture, that smell, that pattern, that swift-sternum-kick of nostalgia for your granny’s kitchen table. Too bad, though, duckies: all the newfangled oilcloth out there is coated in PVC (ick!) or some other petrol-based product, which makes the cloth neither earthy nor particularly human-healthy.

Imagine my Smallish delight, then, when I spied this Craftzine linkage on DIY oilcloth, made the trad way: cotton duck (or canvas) and linseed oil. It takes some doin’, but the results are way better than eating pretty peach pie off petroleum.


2 Responses to “A Recipe for Oilcloth”

  1. Amanda said

    “Pretty peach pie off petroleum” just sounds so pretty. I am happy about the non-icky oilcloth.

  2. Thanks, Amanda. I’m happy, too.

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