Do you line your trash cans?

July 13, 2009

Apartment Therapy caught my eye last week with a quick survey on trash can liners. Looks like the majority of AT readers don’t use ’em, except for in the kitchen, where they are deemed an M-U-S-T.

We Smallers don’t use trash can liners anywhere, even in the kitchen. Our compost bucket gets the food scraps, so the kitchen bin ends up with the odd popsicle wrapper or those icky banana stickers or maybe a wayward twist tie. (Full disclosure: like everything in our house, our kitchen can is small, so maybe it doesn’t have the space or time to get too grody.) This seems the Smaller route; but if the liners are reused? That’s Small, too, I suppose.

So: do you use trash can liners? If yes, what do you use? If no, wherefore?


11 Responses to “Do you line your trash cans?”

  1. Michelle said

    As a small apartment dweller in a city that demands recycling, I don’t really have a trash bin. I reuse my paper grocery bags from Whole Foods, thus eliminating the need for a can AND a liner. I use a separate paper bag for my recycling, which I take out as needed and sort at the bins outside.

  2. The answer…yes and no, in my apartment. I have three bins: Recycling (simply a paper bag), Trash (anything not gloppy but not recyclable (plastic shopping bag), and Organic (an airtight tupperware container) for food scraps.

    Only the organic one is lined, and I’ve chosen to line it with compostable bags so that the breakdown starts immediately in the compost pile that the city’s set up.

  3. Michelle: That’s a good solution — to reduce and reuse.

    Amphritrite: That’s surprising that only the compost bin is lined. Good for you, and for your compost!

  4. heather w said

    I don’t line any trash cans. I don’t actually have a trash can in the kitchen; for non-recyclable, non-compostable trash I reuse packaging, most often cookie or chip bags.

  5. That’s a great idea, heather. I suppose if I’m going to have the chip sacks around, I might as well fill them up. Great solution.

  6. ecogreen said

    I use a biodegradable trash bag, made of corn starch.

    • I have heard of these things, yes. Biodegradable is good, but my understanding is that nothing biodegrades in the landfill, considering that it is sealed in cement. Do you know different?

  7. Tony Miller said

    I use a carrier bag hung on pegs, when full goes in the bin. Only problem is the Co-op is now giving out bags for life and this is a waste. Because of “green” wally’s it looks like I will now have to buy bags to use which is even more wastefull, will not stop the amount of bags going into land fill, and worst of all will cost me money. All because of an urban legend miss quote that a giant turtle once swallowed one!

  8. Tony Miller said

    Mega lols, if you mean crisp packets, over here they are 25 gram bags, just big enough for an apple core. That’s why we are all so slim.

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