Fabric stash, begone!

August 18, 2009

Every time I open my closet, it’s there: A teetering pile of fabric that is completely rad, but oh-so-sad because it’s in Stash State.

What’s that? You have this problem, too? No more, my hoard-happy friend — Apartment Therapy’s got your back with a roundup of simple projects that’ll clean up that leaning tower of pique, quick-like. Take this party garland, via The Purl Bee, for instance:

I know! I totally want to go to that party and eat (all) those cupcakes and sit in those chairs! And watch my BFF open those presents, which are from me and his cool mom, and they are things like sprockets for his bike and a new trucker hat with a badger on it.

Thus, I give you AT’s list of fabric destash ideas. What will you make?


4 Responses to “Fabric stash, begone!”

  1. Tony Miller said

    My kids have a thing for ugly dolls, you could make yourself a fortune making them. They are rather simple two bits of material cut out in a wibbly pattern sown together and stuffed, buttons for eyes, stitches for mouths. They are so crude but sell for £20 EACH!!!

  2. Sounds like my own Bernoulli, Jr.! I should make more little monsties, maybe, and watch the dough come rolling in.

  3. Thanks, Tony. I do have to admit that I think Ugly Dolls are really hilarious. The Stupid Creatures site is great; thanks for the link!

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