Yogurtmilk, yo.

August 25, 2009

Rather than buy buttermilk (and a buttermilk box) for those yummy-nummy pancakes my Living Small sweetheart cooks up on Sunday mornings, we use yogurtmilk, or, the watery puddle that shows up in the spoon-crater every day. It’s cheaper than buttermilk, doesn’t generate any extra waste — aside from the yogurt container, which we already have — and it adds a farm-fresh tang to baked goods. Triple win!

Here’s how to harvest: Eat some yogurt — whole milk is rich and luxurious, but nonfat works, too. Wait a day. Pour off the milk into a clean jar and store in the fridge. Repeat until you’ve got enough for your pancake (or waffle or sweet bread or whatever) recipe; substitute yogurtmilk 1-to-1 with its buttery brethren.

Awesome offshoot! As you strain out the milk, the yogurt will thicken into a Greek-style, not-that-far-from-cream-cheese treat, which you can eat on crackers or with your favorite jam or even with some chocolate covered sunflower seeds. Oh darling!


6 Responses to “Yogurtmilk, yo.”

  1. Adding a little vinegar to regular milk works, too :).

  2. Tony Miller said

    Yuck “Nancy’s milk” sounds like breast milk to me. I want a picture of a cow on any milk product I consume.

  3. ej said

    it’s usually called whey. you can make your own by straining yogurt thru a paper coffee filter or cheese cloth.

  4. I had no idea! Makes sense, though; curds and whey and all that. Thanks, ej.

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