Day of the DIY: Red Riding Hood + Wolf

November 1, 2009

Okay, okay, so Halloween was yesterday, but I nevertheless wanted to share our DIY get-ups.

The best part: We sourced almost everything from our own closet (I’m not kidding; I do own a vermillion crinoline), and handmade the rest — riding hood, wolf mask, tail — out of craft store supplies.

Did you dress up? Did you DIY? Let’s see it.


6 Responses to “Day of the DIY: Red Riding Hood + Wolf”

  1. kootenaychronicles said

    We have been chatting about Hallowe’en costumes, my grown-up kids and I. My eldest son’s best costume was a barrel of toxic waste (idea from Calvin & Hobbs). It was cardboard, stencilled all over with appropriate warning signs and made barrel shaped. Add shoulder straps and voia! a costume that you could fit enough clothes under to keep warm! My daughter’s best happened as an adult. She was working late Hallowe’en and went for a drink afterwards, where several people made rude comments about her costumeless state. Finally, she looked one of them in the eye and said “I’m a homocidal maniac. We look just like everyone else.” Quiet drink resumed.

  2. Amanda said

    Vermillion crinoline? Reasons I lub A., #367

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