Toadstools are Small.

November 2, 2009

And they grow in my courtyard. Take a look:

It turns out that these are fly Amanitae, which = psychoactive and potentially poisonous. So, probably won’t be eating those. However, my Sweetie and I noticed a load of other mushrooms a-sprouting around the yard, not all of them spotty. What’s more, last weekend, I saw our neighbor and his main squeeze trolling the grass like truffle pigs and snapping up toadies left and right.

If that’s not living Small, I don’t know what is. Foraging in the backyard for foodstuffs? Totally fly! Any recommendations for ID’ing these funky fungi?


7 Responses to “Toadstools are Small.”

  1. Michelle said

    It might be worth picking up some of David Arora’s books. All That the Rain Promises and More is a very thorough pocket-sized book, with quite possibly the best cover ever. It stands alone but also directs you to pages in his much larger, more detailed tome, Mushrooms Demystified. Arora does a good job of pointing out the poisonous look-alikes, and which mushrooms can safely be identified by a novice. When in doubt, you can bring your specimens to a Puget Sound Mycological Society meeting for a professional to identify.

  2. Amanda said

    You need Steve “Wildman” Brill (leader of Central Park foraging tours), or his West-Coat doppleganger. Surely someone does foraging tours in the land of you?

  3. I bet someone does. Maybe even the mushroom man at the farmers market. I will investigate.

  4. […] like toadstools, like diys, like ecoliving, are Small. Twos turn to threes. Here’s hoping Living Small makes […]

  5. JMarie said

    Darn, the name of those mushrooms slips my mind but they are very popular. Red spotted mushrooms are found in a lot of children stories.

    Found it!
    The infamous Amanita Muscaria mushroom.

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