Small Shots: Walkabout

September 16, 2009

Small shots, people. All the cool kids are doing it. Here’re a few from a recent prom around the neighborhood. Share your snaps in the comments!

Tea & Cookies, please.

August 19, 2009

You like food? You like good stories? You like pretty photos? Yeah, then Tea & Cookies.

I’m all juiced up to bake her apricot almond choco-chip cookies, maybe when the weather gets cooler and my tiny house isn’t apt to overheat. I’m also into her slow food philosophy. Small and sweet and savory, all in one eye-candy blog. I <3 Tea & Cookies.

Image via Tea’s Flickr photostream.

Topsy Turvy Tomatoes

July 12, 2009

After all my waxing and whining about growing our own food, the Smallers have taken a size-appropriate step: tomatoes and basil, planted in what’s known to the infomercial world as a Topsy Turvy:

My mother-in-law gifted us with this hanging collapsible planter which snugs in perfectly under our front gable, where the majority of our southerly sun hits.

It’s a Small move, sure. Maybe next year we’ll be prepped to go bigger, perhaps with a P-Patch plot, or, with the help of the new Urban Garden Share program, a neighbor’s undeveloped lawn. Or even some more vertical veggies in — get this! — a store-bought shoe storage rack, like Instructables contributor pippa5.

Until then, though, we’ll be satisfied with little tommies and freshmade pesto.

What’s your small space garden solution?

Special Bloggie Love to the Central District News’ series of urban farming posts. Check them out.

Tea stalks wonder.

April 18, 2009

Fellow blogger and Seattleite Tea of Tea & Cookies takes Small shots like a pro. She cooks, too, and writes and tells beautiful stories. She also “stalks wonder,” that is, finds story in Small things:

For the past week or two, every morning, as soon as I wake up, I go outside with my camera and take a short walk. It’s rarely more than a few blocks, not meant to be a workout, at least not in the aerobic sense. This workout is for the eyes and for the soul; this is where I stalk wonder. … I never fail to find it.

Stalk wonder with Tea.

Photo via Tea’s Flickr photostream.

We’re jammin’

February 23, 2009

I wanna jam it wit’ you.

High-five to Re-Nest for this Bob Marley-meets-Queen Mum party theme: jam. Yes, jam! We’re talking jam tasting, pals — a party bursting with the bite of summer fruits:


canned with love (or, perhaps, purchased at the farmers market) by the host. Just add toast and a jamband playlist (I’m thinking the Grateful Dead and the Hampton Grease Band), and you’ve got yourself a simple, Small, and cheap night in with the gang.

In these belt-tightening times, an inexpensive evening with friends is certainly Small, from both a community-building standpoint and, in the case of a homemade jam tasting, a locavore one. And, if you’re into tipples with your toast ‘n’ jam, take a tip from cheapskate extraordinaire Kingsley Amis:

The point here is not simply to stint your guests on quality and quantity — any fool can pre-pour Moroccan red into burgundy bottles, or behave as if all knowledge of the existence of drink has been suddently excised from his brain at 10pm — but to screw them while seeming, at any rate to their wives, to have done them rather well.

(Or, if you want to keep your friends, just serve tea.)