BellToy and Bear

September 18, 2009

A snap of my latest craft. Two softies for a friend’s twinset, due in December.

Simple to stitch, stuffed with bamboo fiber (antimicrobial!), and with sound built in: the eensie pillow, the one with the grosgrain pully-things, has a bell buried inside for some special jingle-jangle. Hint: The bell is housed inside a soft plastic cage (yes, it’s supposed to be a cat toy, but whatevs) so the stuffing won’t muffle the ring.

Care to share your own sews?


Small Shots: Walkabout

September 16, 2009

Small shots, people. All the cool kids are doing it. Here’re a few from a recent prom around the neighborhood. Share your snaps in the comments!

Thank you, Lee (of Leethal Knits), for this simple sweater-to-jewelry tutorial. Because when sweaters have seen better days — woolies, you know who you are — they might as well get reincarnated as ear adornments that are both light on the lobes and moddy-mod. See it? Love it? Oh my yes.

Long about a year ago, the Small housecats ran with fleas. We went with Frontline, which cured the kitties, but probably wasn’t ecofabulous.

So, guess what: The little fuzzfaces are infested once again. While a bona fide flea killer can’t be brewed at home, flea repellent can be DIY’d from household ingredients, says Craftzine. Observe:

Could this help my catskys? Anyone out there ever test drive a similar recipe?

Fabric stash, begone!

August 18, 2009

Every time I open my closet, it’s there: A teetering pile of fabric that is completely rad, but oh-so-sad because it’s in Stash State.

What’s that? You have this problem, too? No more, my hoard-happy friend — Apartment Therapy’s got your back with a roundup of simple projects that’ll clean up that leaning tower of pique, quick-like. Take this party garland, via The Purl Bee, for instance:

I know! I totally want to go to that party and eat (all) those cupcakes and sit in those chairs! And watch my BFF open those presents, which are from me and his cool mom, and they are things like sprockets for his bike and a new trucker hat with a badger on it.

Thus, I give you AT’s list of fabric destash ideas. What will you make?