Fall has fallen, oh yes, with rain and red leaves. And with fall comes wool (not mothy wool; good, warm, snuggly wool), and with wool comes Etsy. Two new Etsy loves, from me to you.

Needle felted acorns for scattering at Small House, by truLuxe:

And this crocheted apple cozy for keeping my Galas bruise-free, from Unravel Me:


Snakes + Acorns = Snakorns

October 9, 2008

That’s right — snakorns!

It’s a lingua crafta mashup in honor of two great DIYs I discovered via ThreadBanger. One, a pair of Martha Stewart-approved snakes made from hardware-store paraphernalia; the other, a fuzzy take on the oak tree’s seeds.

Martha’s Creepy Snakes, manufactured from pipe insulation, nails, map tacks, and paint, are hilarious. Just look:

Can you imagine these in your trees come Halloween? See, I told you. Hilarious.

Betz White’s Felt Acorns — a combo of felt balls and real-life acorn caps — are a sweet tribute to fall:

felt acorns

How-tos on Martha’s and Betz’s respective sites. Have fun.