December 28, 2009

Two kinda big deals today.

1) Living Small turns Two.

2) This marks my first post in Two months.

Twos, like toadstools, like diys, like ecoliving, are Small. Twos turn to threes. Here’s hoping Living Small makes it to three. And that posts return sooner than March.

Thanks for Two years, Smallers. Thanks for hangin’.


Living Small: One Year Later

December 28, 2008

What a year it has been. From its humble beginnings last winter, Living Small has brought me much joy — mainly because of you guys. Thanks for reading, thanks for sharing, thanks for advising and suggesting. Small is the definitely the new Big, if you folks are any indication.

All the best for a great New Year. Keep it real, peeps. And keep it Small.

Today marks year four in the Living Small Marriage, and we’re taking a little staycation to celebrate. Friday Harbor, here we come. Posting shall resume on August 19 with another installment of Tiny House Tuesday.

Have a wünderbar weekend, Smallers.

Incredible wedding photo by our pal Alex Sutherland. Word up, dude.