Fall has fallen, oh yes, with rain and red leaves. And with fall comes wool (not mothy wool; good, warm, snuggly wool), and with wool comes Etsy. Two new Etsy loves, from me to you.

Needle felted acorns for scattering at Small House, by truLuxe:

And this crocheted apple cozy for keeping my Galas bruise-free, from Unravel Me:


apple mouse

Breaking news from my friend Jill. The Apple Store in Seattle’s University Village shopping center has gone paperless.

This weekend, Jill went on a journey of iSight and iSound: She walked to said Apple Store to purchase some paraphernalia for her NanoPod, when a orange-shirted Apple employee approached her.

“Are you ready to check out?” Orange Apple Man asked.

“Why, yes. I am,” Jill replied. She was puzzled, though. No checkout counter. Nowhere. Nowhere in the store. Was this right? Had she stumbled into an episode of Night Gallery?

But the young man bestest her judgment: He drew from his pocket a wondrous invention — a mobile scanner, with which he logged Jill’s item and charged her credit card in one swift twitch of his wrist. Then, the Greenery:

“Shall I send the receipt to your Yahoo account?” he asked.

Jill nearly collapsed. “What, no paper receipt? No waste?”

Orange Apple Man smiled. “Of course not. We are Apple. We are The Future!” He bestickered the UPC code on her new headphones.

“Good day to you,” he said. Then vanished. Poof!

Okay, so maybe he didn’t vanish. But, when Jill arrived home and casually checked her Yahoo email, there was the eReceipt. Oooeeeeeooo. Eerie.

*Read more about my own quest for paperlessness here.*