Fall has fallen, oh yes, with rain and red leaves. And with fall comes wool (not mothy wool; good, warm, snuggly wool), and with wool comes Etsy. Two new Etsy loves, from me to you.

Needle felted acorns for scattering at Small House, by truLuxe:

And this crocheted apple cozy for keeping my Galas bruise-free, from Unravel Me:


Thank you, Lee (of Leethal Knits), for this simple sweater-to-jewelry tutorial. Because when sweaters have seen better days — woolies, you know who you are — they might as well get reincarnated as ear adornments that are both light on the lobes and moddy-mod. See it? Love it? Oh my yes.

I’ve got some Summertime Small Shots (and some Bigger ones, too) to share. Here’s hoping sunny skies and raspberry pies are in your futures.

ps. Living Small was on hiatus these past two weeks, thanks to the rounding out of Mr. LS’s three-year, two-degree graduate school term. Now he is a true Small Smarty Pants. Thanks for hangin’.

Reuse alert, via my pal The Choir’s house: old cans and containers, rinsed and repurposed as craft-supply corrals. Doesn’t get much Smaller than that, and it gives his art room a distinctly Warholian flair. Nice job, friend-o.

Easter is almost on us, and if you’re into egg hunts, Cadbury chocolate, baked hams, or the religious significance of the day, you’ve got some par-taying to do.

And no Easter par-tay is complete without an Easter bonnet. (Right, Amy?) So, for those who are inclined to craft, here’s a lovely bit of DIY decor for your noggin, courtesy of CRAFTzine:

Just pick an old headband (or, if you’re a knitter, you could whip up some I-cord and us that as your foundation) and grab some embellishments from your sewing box, junk drawer or local thrift shop, and go to town!

In my humble opinion, the bigger, the whiz-bangier, the better! Go totally gaudy for your Easter parade. They’ll be all in clover when they look you over, trust.