Fall has fallen, oh yes, with rain and red leaves. And with fall comes wool (not mothy wool; good, warm, snuggly wool), and with wool comes Etsy. Two new Etsy loves, from me to you.

Needle felted acorns for scattering at Small House, by truLuxe:

And this crocheted apple cozy for keeping my Galas bruise-free, from Unravel Me:


Snakes + Acorns = Snakorns

October 9, 2008

That’s right — snakorns!

It’s a lingua crafta mashup in honor of two great DIYs I discovered via ThreadBanger. One, a pair of Martha Stewart-approved snakes made from hardware-store paraphernalia; the other, a fuzzy take on the oak tree’s seeds.

Martha’s Creepy Snakes, manufactured from pipe insulation, nails, map tacks, and paint, are hilarious. Just look:

Can you imagine these in your trees come Halloween? See, I told you. Hilarious.

Betz White’s Felt Acorns — a combo of felt balls and real-life acorn caps — are a sweet tribute to fall:

felt acorns

How-tos on Martha’s and Betz’s respective sites. Have fun.

Gott segne Sie, Oktoberfest.

September 22, 2008

Happy Autumn, everyone. Today marks the beginning of that most crisp of seasons, one laden with bountiful fruit and veg and bright, jewel-toned foliage (and fashion).

Husband and I heralded the harvest season this weekend at Fremont Oktoberfest (okay, it’s still September, but beer, people), where we sampled suds from more than a dozen Northwest breweries. The fest wasn’t just Small in the locavore regard, either; upon entry to the biergarten, all drinkers were given a 5 oz. reusable mug — plastic, but not disposable — and a handful of wooden tokens good for one tipple each. Here’s us with mugs (well, one; I’d retired mine after five tokens’ worth):

Yes, it rained, and yes, it was kind of crowded, but dude — those Germans know how to party. Ach, du lieber!

Do you Oktoberfest? Are tasting mugs the norm? How do you plan to fall into autumn?