Yogurtmilk, yo.

August 25, 2009

Rather than buy buttermilk (and a buttermilk box) for those yummy-nummy pancakes my Living Small sweetheart cooks up on Sunday mornings, we use yogurtmilk, or, the watery puddle that shows up in the spoon-crater every day. It’s cheaper than buttermilk, doesn’t generate any extra waste — aside from the yogurt container, which we already have — and it adds a farm-fresh tang to baked goods. Triple win!

Here’s how to harvest: Eat some yogurt — whole milk is rich and luxurious, but nonfat works, too. Wait a day. Pour off the milk into a clean jar and store in the fridge. Repeat until you’ve got enough for your pancake (or waffle or sweet bread or whatever) recipe; substitute yogurtmilk 1-to-1 with its buttery brethren.

Awesome offshoot! As you strain out the milk, the yogurt will thicken into a Greek-style, not-that-far-from-cream-cheese treat, which you can eat on crackers or with your favorite jam or even with some chocolate covered sunflower seeds. Oh darling!


Everyone loves food. (If they don’t, they should.) And homemade treats are the crème de la crème of foodie gifts. Onward to the eats!

~~~~ SAVORY ~~~~

PARMESAN BLACK-PEPPER BISCOTTI via Gourmet/Epicurious (Note: This is a big time commitment, but oh! So yummy, I’m sure.)


DO CHUA (Vietnamese pickled veggies) via Tea & Cookies


SMOKY CASHEWS via Martha Stewart/YumSugar

~~~~ SWEET ~~~~

SUGARPLUMS (yeah — they’re real!) via Handmade Homeschool/CRAFT Magazine


LEMON CURD via Joy of Baking (Great spread on scones or stirred into plain yogurt.)




CANDIED CITRUS PEEL via Martha Stewart online


PEPPERMINT BARK (a Christmastime staple) via Bon Appetít/Epicurious

Happy cooking!

Ooo! Skeletons!

October 28, 2008

Look at these ooky-spooky cookies, all dressed up for Halloween! As a lady who favors homemade treats over store-bought, I’m delighted by Heidi Kenney’s creepy and creative use of everyday cookie cutters and a little white icing.

Particularly nice are the owls — I’m planning a bony menagerie for my All Hallow’s Eve festivities. How about you?