Ferry Wings

July 7, 2008

Remember the staycation phenomenon I mentioned last week? Well, the Independence Day weekend brought some staycating to the Living Smallers: We spent much of the three-day holiday doing some on-the-water commuting via the robust and totally rad Washington State Ferry system. For only $6.70 per person (round-trip, no less), Mr. and I were able to take in some Puget Sound scenery, *nearly* car-free and alongside loads of mass transit compatriots. Truly, the ferry gave us wings. Wings to fly away, baby.

On the 4th proper, Mr. and I rode across the Puget Sound to Bremerton, whereupon we hopped a family-organized carpool caravan to my Aunt and Uncle’s beachside home on Stretch Island (photo above taken on the island’s sand dollar beds at low-low tide). The following day, we boarded the Bremerton-bound ferry once more, but this time, we caught a Kitsap Transit Foot Ferry to Port Orchard, located across the bay from Bremerton, for a little antiquing. Caught some great photos, and even nabbed a few cool treasures (including a chartreuse Don Jay nut bowl — major score). Plus re: the foot ferry: It runs fee-free all summer, in honor of the Bremerton and Port Orchard Farmers Markets, making it that much easier for residents to avail themselves of local food and crafts. Pretty Small, yeah? I’m planning to take another ferry ride over on September 1 for the Blackberry Festival. Can’t beat it.

Next time, we’re contemplating renting a tandem bike for a little muscle-powered exploration. After that, maybe scooters. Why go abroad when there’s so much to see right here? Brava, Washington.


Birthdays and Biking

May 15, 2008

Huzzah for Mr. Living Small, who marks the big 2-5 today! In an effort to celebrate this momentous occasion in a Small way, I’ve selected a stuff-free gift — a token that not only communicates my deep esteem and affection for the Duke of Tiny House, but also includes a “Mighty Wurlitzer” and this man:


Happy Birthday, Sweetie: We’re going to the Paramount Theatre’s Douglas Fairbanks Festival, a Monday-night silent movie series accompanied live by Dennis James, organist. For those of you who live in the area, come on down. And, if you miss out on Dougie Fair, the Paramount hosts Silent Movie Mondays throughout the year. At $12 a person, it’s a bit pricey for a flick, but I guarantee this is likely the only time you’ll see these oldies on the big screen. Plus, you’re supporting a local arts organization — Small, in an Augustus Caesar kind of way.

And, in another tribute to that Man of Mine, I submit for your approval this photo of him on his folding Dahon:

BK\'s folding bike

Why? Because tomorrow, May 16, is Seattle’s Bike to Work Day! Don’t miss out on this city-wide, cycle-friendly event, which gives bikers the chance to raise awareness of muscle-bound, eco-conscious commuting options, as well as to gather free bike-related stuff at various Commute Stations both around the city and in surrounding areas. Sponsored by the Cascade Bicycle Club, Bike to Work Day is the centerpiece of Bike to Work Month, which invites folks from throughout the Puget Sound region to get out of the car and onto the saddle for the health of their hearts and the planet. Plus, cool prizes are available for those who take part in the month-long Commuter Challenge.

While I regret to say that the Living Smaller herself won’t be participating — the tiny house has room for but one cycle, and a folding one at that — I do encourage those of you with a pair of wheels to get peddlin’!

Good luck, riders. And, once again, Happy Birthday, BK.