Cupcake at the poolPinkypink in foilSpikeMangocakeConfetticloseupStrawberry shortcakePolkadotsRetro cupcakeEggiesLifesaversBluDot

The ultimate Small dessert! Some sugarpop colors on itty-bitty cakes, straight from Flickr, the Living Smaller’s photo-sharing site of choice. Who can say no to a cupcake?

Babycake Bonus: For the Seattleites in the audience, a mid-month small-biz shout-out for Cupcake Royale, an indie cakehouse that concocts delectable individual bites. Three locations: Ballard, West Seattle, and Madrona (give it up for Madrona!). My pick: the Lemon Drop. Refreshing and delicious.

Cupcake photo cred. Cupcake at the pool: 7o07o0. Pinkypink in foil: Surlygrrrl. Spike & Mangocake: Chotda. Confetti: disneymike. Closeup: MarionQuaggatuggu. Strawberry shortcake: speedM. Polkadots: jek in the box. Retro cupcake: Le Cupcake Australia. Eggies: Patchwork Pottery. Lifesavers: pstarr. BluDot: Chotda.