So I’m giving up some Small summery cheer: flowers frozen in a snapshot.


While they aren’t quite as satisfying as the real deal, I’m set knowing that they didn’t require extra energy to be grown out of season. Of course, we’re using electricity to look at them. So six of one…

Have a nice Friday, peeps.


Bon Weekend, everyone.

September 13, 2008

Small shot of a Sunday-past. What does your Small weekend look like?

Da (seed) bomb.

May 30, 2008


Last weekend, I did a little diggin’. In the dirt, that is.

That’s right, folks: the upstart coleus and sweet potato vine above are now residents on my less-than-light deck, along with some slammin’ begonias and some shade-loving snapdragons. Out front, I threw in some hardy cosmos, and a pair of potted pink dahlias. (Special thanks to Mommo for her superior start-spotting skillz.)

While I don’t have enough sunpower to fuel a vegetable garden — sad news for a Small Liver — I am a fan of growing my own flora for a spot of color on the outside, and an occasional, fresh-cut jot on the inside. Sometimes, I need a little greenery indoors. You?

Thus, I naturally was drawn to Gregory’s recent AT post on seed bombing in L.A. These guerilla gardeners are mad for making the urban landscape a little greener by tossing homemade seed bombs — tiny, concentrated grow-balls packed with earthworm castings, clay soil, and seeds, seeds, seeds — into barren areas. Then, the opportunistic (yet altruistic) planters watch ’em grow.

Don’t know if this is possible with veggies, but it’s worth a try, I suppose. Something stalwart — kale, maybe? If you’re interested in bombing and it’s a no-go on the edibles, wildflowers always do the trick. Just make sure you get seeds that will grow in your climate, as well as ones that are native. No sense in screwing up the ecosystem in the name of fresh flowers.

For the Seattle readers: Lovely blooms (and seeds, I think) are available at The Copper Vine on Capitol Hill, as well as at City People’s in Madison Valley. No room to garden? No worries: find a P-Patch near you. And, for my fellow CD rezzies, check out tonight’s community gathering to discuss the development of the newest member of the P-Patch fold at 25th & Spring. Meeting begins at 6:30 at the Garfield Community Center, 2101 S. Jackson.