High five to Heike, who built a wee-little outdoor shed from discarded windows:

Design*Sponge featured Heike’s “hideaway” (a misnomer, right? I mean, it’s made of glass.), lauding the reuse factor: “it’s so great to see people who are inspired by something seemingly left over and fit for the trash,” D*S dueña Grace Bonney writes, “and end up imagining (and creating) something new and beautiful.”

My Small sentiments exactly.



WHO: Pia Jane Bijkerk, globe-trotting designer, stylist, and blogger

WHERE: Amsterdam

WHAT: Haute-cool houseboat

SIZE: No se, but not sizable

Old man river gets an overhaul.

Whoever thought houseboats were the purview of salty sailors and their cranky parrots obviously missed Pia Jane Bijkerk’s incredible Amsterdam oasis (and, I suppose, Sleepless in Seattle), featured at Design*Sponge a few weeks ago.

Despite a history of acute seasickness, I’ve always been curiously drawn to houseboats — maybe it’s their multifunctional nature — and Pia’s is an outstanding example of just how homey a waterbound abode can be. The ample light maximizes space and highlights the honey-colored woodwork, giving the place a spacious, yet cocoon-like, feel. Because the boat is essentially shaped like a bowling alley (long and thin, and sans any architectural break-ups), Pia created “rooms” with clever uses of furniture, including a “bedroom,” courtesy of a lovely screen framed out in that same golden hardwood.

Sadly, this isn’t Pia’s primary home — kind of a downer for living Small; what’s Small about having three residences, all of them flung as far and wide as Pia’s places in Amsterdam, Paris, and Sydney? Nevertheless, it is a testament to small space living. And an aesthetically ga-ga one, at that.

Check out the original D*S post for more photos. And don’t forget to walk through the Tiny House Logue for more of what you love: teeny-tiny houses with Small style.

Well, slap me silly. Spotted this floating DIY desk at Design*Sponge yesterday. What a beaut!

Maggi\'s DIY desk

I’m seeing it as multifunctional: from the photo, it looks like a vanity. But what about a work station? An entryway console? For construction instructions, check out the D*S post. I am in luv.

Now, if only it were made of reclaimed wood…


April 16, 2008

Is this freaky? A babydoll–limb coatrack? I’m in love with the Edward Gorey feel and the craftacular repurpose.


Check out the original Design*Sponge post for a quick how-to. Now, if only the head were in a bell jar somewhere. Maybe with succulents and a calla lily.

Mary Shelley, anyone?