Okay, okay, so Halloween was yesterday, but I nevertheless wanted to share our DIY get-ups.

The best part: We sourced almost everything from our own closet (I’m not kidding; I do own a vermillion crinoline), and handmade the rest — riding hood, wolf mask, tail — out of craft store supplies.

Did you dress up? Did you DIY? Let’s see it.


Smells like teen spirit all up in here. Check out kelly+olive’s easy tutorial on how to turn a secondhand flannel into a pillow cover. For your couch, for your bed, for the saggy booths in that ratty club where you can totally come as you are (even in your {pearl} jammin’ DIY plaid bloomers!).

Via CRAFTzine.

Long about a year ago, the Small housecats ran with fleas. We went with Frontline, which cured the kitties, but probably wasn’t ecofabulous.

So, guess what: The little fuzzfaces are infested once again. While a bona fide flea killer can’t be brewed at home, flea repellent can be DIY’d from household ingredients, says Craftzine. Observe:

Could this help my catskys? Anyone out there ever test drive a similar recipe?

Fabric stash, begone!

August 18, 2009

Every time I open my closet, it’s there: A teetering pile of fabric that is completely rad, but oh-so-sad because it’s in Stash State.

What’s that? You have this problem, too? No more, my hoard-happy friend — Apartment Therapy’s got your back with a roundup of simple projects that’ll clean up that leaning tower of pique, quick-like. Take this party garland, via The Purl Bee, for instance:

I know! I totally want to go to that party and eat (all) those cupcakes and sit in those chairs! And watch my BFF open those presents, which are from me and his cool mom, and they are things like sprockets for his bike and a new trucker hat with a badger on it.

Thus, I give you AT’s list of fabric destash ideas. What will you make?

Don’t miss the first summer edition of Urban Craft Uprising, August 1 & 2, at the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall. Me love this huge, huge, huge indie craft show and workshop extravaganza. Admission is FREE, so you’ve got nothing to lose.

See you there, craftastic people.