WHO: Cyril Aouizerate and family (that’s three more, folks), plus Scott the Labrador

WHERE: Paris

WHAT: Space-age design in a small family space

SIZE: 431 square feet

C’est magnifique!

Would you believe a family of four, plus their big-boned Labrador, live in this 431-square-foot Paris apartment? The key is clever storage, including a murphy bed for the parents and a hidden fridge behind one of those ubiquitous white panels.

Check out the full slideshow at Côté Maison, en français.

(ps. Hearts afire for that kids’ room. Wonkavision meets 2001. Holy HAL.)

Via Apartment Therapy.


This Living Small Lady like-likes Apartment Therapy. Case in point: A recent roundup of Small homes, delineated by the number of inhabitants (1, 2, and Family). From those flying solo in studios to those procreating in pint-sized spaces, this little grouping has all kinds of inspiration for those who live in little digs and those who are considering the big downsize.

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