Tea & Cookies, please.

August 19, 2009

You like food? You like good stories? You like pretty photos? Yeah, then Tea & Cookies.

I’m all juiced up to bake her apricot almond choco-chip cookies, maybe when the weather gets cooler and my tiny house isn’t apt to overheat. I’m also into her slow food philosophy. Small and sweet and savory, all in one eye-candy blog. I <3 Tea & Cookies.

Image via Tea’s Flickr photostream.


Everyone loves food. (If they don’t, they should.) And homemade treats are the crème de la crème of foodie gifts. Onward to the eats!

~~~~ SAVORY ~~~~

PARMESAN BLACK-PEPPER BISCOTTI via Gourmet/Epicurious (Note: This is a big time commitment, but oh! So yummy, I’m sure.)


DO CHUA (Vietnamese pickled veggies) via Tea & Cookies


SMOKY CASHEWS via Martha Stewart/YumSugar

~~~~ SWEET ~~~~

SUGARPLUMS (yeah — they’re real!) via Handmade Homeschool/CRAFT Magazine


LEMON CURD via Joy of Baking (Great spread on scones or stirred into plain yogurt.)




CANDIED CITRUS PEEL via Martha Stewart online


PEPPERMINT BARK (a Christmastime staple) via Bon Appetít/Epicurious

Happy cooking!

Thank you.

November 27, 2008

Warning: Sappy Post Ahead.

It’s Thanksgiving Day here in the U.S. — a feast day to rival no other in focus (all you gotta do is eat, people, and then eat some more) and in sheer volume (so. much. food.), like this, our apple pie:


In my family, both biological and in-law, it’s a day for being grateful for community, good fortune, health, happiness — you know, the Small things that tie us together.

So, on this day of thank-yous, I offer my gratitude to you, Living Smallers, for your comments, your advice, and your stories. ‘Cause really, you help me strive for the next Small thing. You’re the top. And for that, I am ever-thankful. Happy Thanksgiving.