WHO: Baumraum, a German architecture firm

WHERE: Deutschland, und international locations

WHAT: Tiny prefab treehouses (no kidding!)

SIZE: About 100 square feet, depending on the model

Fritz! Ernst! The Future is here!

It’s a childhood dream, all grown up: a mod, beyond-cool treehouse. Now you can live amongst the leaves in one of Baumraum‘s prefabricated treehouses, which come equipped with bunks and trunks, light and heat, and even the tools to make meals. Though the houses come sans toilets and showers, and are therefore not quite move-in ready, they could make a great addition to, say, a piece of land hooked up to an outhouse. Who needs anything else?

Okay, so maybe one of these feats of arboreal architecture couldn’t serve as a primary residence. But they are nonetheless artful, and so Small, too. Win-win.



WHO: Werner Aisslinger and the Loftcube team

WHERE: Berlin

WHAT: Spacey (but not spacious) nomad’s modhouse

SIZE: 420 sq. ft.

Ich bin ein Berliner!

Leave it to the Germans to come up with a way to modify the flattop prewar buildings of their capital city. Werner Aisslinger and co. have devised an über-clever tiny house, known as the Loftcube, to create an instaPenthouse feel atop any flat-roofed building. At just 420 feet square, the Loftcube incorporates all living necessities — compact kitchen, miniature bathroom, and multipurpose living/sleeping area — all within a windowed exterior that allows for 360-degree views of the surrounding cityscape.

What’s more, Aisslinger designed the Loftcube with mobility in mind. His plan? To have Loftcubes winging from metropolis to cosmopolis, their lightweight frames and integrated interiors held aloft by no more than a helicopter or two. While I’m not so keen on the fuel burned by transporting these megamodern structures between Euro-capitals, I am interested in the possibilities they create for rooftops everywhere. A Big view makes living Small just that much easier. Check out the Loftcube website for pics and vids, complete with kooky German trip hop.

Bei mir bist Du schön, Loftcube.

Eins, zwei, drei! More diminutive domiciles in the Tiny House Logue. And special thanks to Timmy C. for the tip-off on the Loftcube. Schnell!