Not hope, at least according to researchers at Michigan Technological University. From TreeHugger:

Hope may actually be counter-productive, Vucetich and Nelson suggest. “I have little reason to live sustainably if the only reason to do so is to hope for a sustainable future, because every other message I receive suggests that disaster is guaranteed,” they explain.

Looks like the reason people should live Small is simply to do the right thing (Spike? You listening?). Not to ensure the future for their kiddies, not to save the world. Just to do good by their brothers and sisters — the farmers market vendor who grows their greens, the small business owner who’s just trying to make a living, the neighbor who’s not too keen on roosting wing-to-wing with a property-line hugging housemonster. We are the world, people.

So, what’s your reason for greening your lifestyle? Hope for a brighter future? Or a livable present?


Change has come to America.

November 4, 2008