December 28, 2009

Two kinda big deals today.

1) Living Small turns Two.

2) This marks my first post in Two months.

Twos, like toadstools, like diys, like ecoliving, are Small. Twos turn to threes. Here’s hoping Living Small makes it to three. And that posts return sooner than March.

Thanks for Two years, Smallers. Thanks for hangin’.


Interiors know-it-alls tell us that an inviting (and functional) entryway is paramount to creating a good space. But what if you live Small? Typically, tiny homes and entryways don’t mix; not enough room, right?

Maybe not. Small Lady wants to hug these teeny entryways. Here’s one:

Puny and pizzazzy. See this beauty and six others — plus the accompanying tips for creating a lively, lovely entryway — at AT.

WHO: Tereasa Surratt and David Hernandez

WHERE: Sugar Creek, Wisconsin, by way of Beardstown, Illinois

WHAT: An itty-bitty weekend retreat, rescued from certain destruction

SIZE: 121 square feet

11 x 11: a prime example of petite perfection.

It may not be Tereasa Surratt and David Hernandez’s home base, but this teeny-tiny lakeside retreat smacks of Small living, stem to stern. Once part of a 1920’s-era cabin court adjacent to Surratt’s grandmother’s house in Illinois, this 121-footer had certainly seen better days: the abandoned cabins were a set of sad little structures, completely dilapidated and ready to be razed.

But Surratt and Hernandez saw potential; “History has value,” she tells Chicago Home + Garden‘s Gina Bazer. So, in 2006, the couple plunked down $500 for the tiny place, trucked it to their lakeside Wisconsin property, and set to work restoring the space to its original Roaring ’20’s glory, complete with vintage furnishings and old-school details. See for yourself: Chi H + G‘s got a pair of slideshows, one cabin-focused, the other zeroed in on the Smalls.

Via AT.

WHO: Michael Finger and Joanne Kennedy, plus kids Jonah and Esther

WHERE: New York, New York, in Manhattan’s East Village

WHAT: A family home fit for the sea

SIZE: 640 square feet

Smart storage, ahoy!

Michael Finger and Joanne Kennedy, plus their two kids (ages 9 and 1), make very merry in a small family home done up with multifunctional furnishings and seaworthy storage (think closets under the floorboards, desks that morph into Murphy beds). With the help of noroof architects and some nods to son Jonah’s pirate obsession, Finger and Kennedy carved out a family-friendly space in just 640 square feet.

See for yourself, matey. Check out the slideshow.

I’ve got some Summertime Small Shots (and some Bigger ones, too) to share. Here’s hoping sunny skies and raspberry pies are in your futures.

ps. Living Small was on hiatus these past two weeks, thanks to the rounding out of Mr. LS’s three-year, two-degree graduate school term. Now he is a true Small Smarty Pants. Thanks for hangin’.