Fabric stash, begone!

August 18, 2009

Every time I open my closet, it’s there: A teetering pile of fabric that is completely rad, but oh-so-sad because it’s in Stash State.

What’s that? You have this problem, too? No more, my hoard-happy friend — Apartment Therapy’s got your back with a roundup of simple projects that’ll clean up that leaning tower of pique, quick-like. Take this party garland, via The Purl Bee, for instance:

I know! I totally want to go to that party and eat (all) those cupcakes and sit in those chairs! And watch my BFF open those presents, which are from me and his cool mom, and they are things like sprockets for his bike and a new trucker hat with a badger on it.

Thus, I give you AT’s list of fabric destash ideas. What will you make?


We’re jammin’

February 23, 2009

I wanna jam it wit’ you.

High-five to Re-Nest for this Bob Marley-meets-Queen Mum party theme: jam. Yes, jam! We’re talking jam tasting, pals — a party bursting with the bite of summer fruits:


canned with love (or, perhaps, purchased at the farmers market) by the host. Just add toast and a jamband playlist (I’m thinking the Grateful Dead and the Hampton Grease Band), and you’ve got yourself a simple, Small, and cheap night in with the gang.

In these belt-tightening times, an inexpensive evening with friends is certainly Small, from both a community-building standpoint and, in the case of a homemade jam tasting, a locavore one. And, if you’re into tipples with your toast ‘n’ jam, take a tip from cheapskate extraordinaire Kingsley Amis:

The point here is not simply to stint your guests on quality and quantity — any fool can pre-pour Moroccan red into burgundy bottles, or behave as if all knowledge of the existence of drink has been suddently excised from his brain at 10pm — but to screw them while seeming, at any rate to their wives, to have done them rather well.

(Or, if you want to keep your friends, just serve tea.)