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What’s on your Feb. 21/22 to-do list?

Endnote: 1) Free Owl Sweater pattern at Needled. 2) My pasta e fagioli, a possible candidate for the Central District Soup Swap on Feb. 24. 3) A Living Small vignette, soon to be transformed. 4) Gulliver the cat, snoozing and snuggle-ready.


Say farewell to feline furballs! Professional cat groomer-turned-handbag entrepreneur Danelle German of Simpsonville, South Carolina, has harnessed the power of the Persian to create a line of bespoke knitted and felted satchels — made of leftover cat hair. Watch:

German, who calls her company Catty Shack Creations and who named the schmancy yarn “chatangora,” has made a tidy profit (and a clowder of cat-lady friends) by turning grooming chaff into something both useful and commemorative. Strikes me as Small, sure. But also a bit … eccentric. Though yarn drawn from my sweetie Domino could be so lush:

Or just loony. Your take?

Via TreeHugger.