WHO: Jeffrey Gantert and Brad Bloom

WHERE: Portland, Oregon

WHAT: Two teensie, salvage-savvy cottages

SIZE: 364 square feet each

Scraps to supplies, simply.

From olive oil cans to castoff Dairy Queen bench seats, salvage-smarts abound in spades between Jeffrey Gantert and Brad Bloom, the savvy pair behind the two tiny, one-bedroom Portland Garden Cottages.

Self-taught builders Gantert and Bloom left no stone unturned — or, rather, no Dumpster unopened — to kit out their cottages, which make use secondhand materials such as local bakery flour sacks as kitchen wallpaper and terra cotta roof tiles as wall sconces, among other things. Even the siding is recycled: thousands of tomato sauce cans from a Portland pizzeria were transformed into sheets of leather-lookalike siding, with a little help from the weather and a few coats of linseed oil.

The cottages are fully furnished rentals, going for $1k/month, and feature storage lofts, reading nooks (that transform into guest beds) and loads of built-in storage. Living Small in style, and with respect for repurposing? I’ll take it.

Via Oregon Live.


And you thought your buffalo figurine had only one purpose. My new bovine buddy, snagged for a quarter at a friend’s candlelight yard sale (long story), is not only good for looks — he is now set up in the WC to hold my wedding ring and hair elastics!

Because I’ve been drawn to ceramic animals of late, I’ve been forced to finagle second uses from their generally one-shot wondrousness. The buffalo functions well as a station for round objects; can’t say so much for the 8-inch-tall, caramel-colored sea monster that my Sweetie found at thrift town, though it does make a killer centerpiece. It is hollow, so perhaps I could stash a tiny bottle of liquor in it, à la the wino side table or a miniature shebeen.

What’s your second use show and tell?