I’ve got some Summertime Small Shots (and some Bigger ones, too) to share. Here’s hoping sunny skies and raspberry pies are in your futures.

ps. Living Small was on hiatus these past two weeks, thanks to the rounding out of Mr. LS’s three-year, two-degree graduate school term. Now he is a true Small Smarty Pants. Thanks for hangin’.


Tea stalks wonder.

April 18, 2009

Fellow blogger and Seattleite Tea of Tea & Cookies takes Small shots like a pro. She cooks, too, and writes and tells beautiful stories. She also “stalks wonder,” that is, finds story in Small things:

For the past week or two, every morning, as soon as I wake up, I go outside with my camera and take a short walk. It’s rarely more than a few blocks, not meant to be a workout, at least not in the aerobic sense. This workout is for the eyes and for the soul; this is where I stalk wonder. … I never fail to find it.

Stalk wonder with Tea.

Photo via Tea’s Flickr photostream.

So I’m giving up some Small summery cheer: flowers frozen in a snapshot.


While they aren’t quite as satisfying as the real deal, I’m set knowing that they didn’t require extra energy to be grown out of season. Of course, we’re using electricity to look at them. So six of one…

Have a nice Friday, peeps.

Bon Weekend, everyone.

September 13, 2008

Small shot of a Sunday-past. What does your Small weekend look like?

Small shot: a cast iron bird bell from the co-op to help trick out our tiny deck. Sometimes, I like to sweat the Small stuff.


ps. I couldn’t resist the Scarface reference. Apologies to the bird, and to Al Pacino.