Local Color

February 25, 2008

You know, there’s a story behind everything. So observes photography wunderkind Kristy (a.k.a., Wreckless Girl) today re: a dilapidated Victorian house at the heart of her Oregon hometown:

I came across this beautiful house downtown a few months ago. I kept trying to remind myself to shoot there….I love shooting at abandoned or destroyed places like this for this very reason: every location tells a story. Usually, when I pull up to a place like this, my clients look at me like I’m crazy. But I assure them, “trust me, it’s gonna work perfectly.” And they’re always pleased with the final product.

(ps. Get a peek at the final product on her site. Trust me: you won’t be sorry.)

Have you ever wondered about the Small stories behind your hometown? The falling-down buildings, the washed-out railroad tracks? What colors your community?