Yes, I live in a tiny house. And yes, I strive to create nice sightlines and weird vignettes. Therefore, I am proud to announce a new addition to the Living Small house, handmade by my dear friend, The Choir:

It’s a thermostat cover, or, “thermobox.” No more unsightly plastic thermostat for us. Just an arts-and-craftsy oak box, worked in wood by a Washington artisan.

Yes, I realize that this is unnecessary. But I contend that when you keep house in a teeny space, eye-pleasers matter. When my eye snagged on that icky thermostat and the mismatched patches of painted and unpainted wall around it — true fact: the thermostat had been replaced twice, and neither of its predecessors had taken up the same footprint, thereby creating silhouettes in previous paint colors on the wall — I got a little twitchy. Wouldn’t you? (Is this OCD?)

I’m willing to bet that everybody has a niggling eyesore in his or her home. What’s yours? Do you plan to change it? Leave it lie?

Thank you, The Choir, for making my little living space a little more aesthetically awesome.