Reuse alert, via my pal The Choir’s house: old cans and containers, rinsed and repurposed as craft-supply corrals. Doesn’t get much Smaller than that, and it gives his art room a distinctly Warholian flair. Nice job, friend-o.


OMG, geeksters! Satisfy your Small Wonder-jones with this DIY tin can robot:

Okay, so you have to buy a kit from Urban Outfitters, so this isn’t a true-blue DIY. But, um, it’s awesome. Says the UO website:

Turn any empty metal can into a walking, wobbling bug-eyed robot! This Tin Can Robot Kit comes with pretty much everything you’ll need to take recycling to a whole other level. Keep a can out of a landfill, and have a robot best friend FOREVER!

I want a robot best friend. And for FOREVER, no less!