Last weekend, Mr. LS and I hopped the Amtrak to California, where we spent a few dulcet days with this wild and crazy guy. The day we arrived, we headed to the Hangar One distillery in Alameda for an afternoon tour and tasting. Here are my kind drinking buddies admiring the special stills:

I’ll give you the straight story, here: if you live in the Bay Area, your alcohol cupboard should be stocked with Hangar One vodka. None of this Smirnoff or Absolut. Local liquor is a treasure, especially when it is as well-balanced and beautiful as are the vodkas poduced by Hangar One — and its sister company, St. George Spirits, which makes fancypants brandies and such.

Basically, I’m asking you to drink Small by supporting your local distillery. Beyond beers, we Seattleites don’t have much in the way of Pacific Northwest alcohols (aside from Aviation Gin, of course). I therefore envy you, San Franciscans and Berserklites and Oaklanders. Now, go forth and drink from the bountiful wells at Hangar One. You’ll thank me, I promise.