December 28, 2009

Two kinda big deals today.

1) Living Small turns Two.

2) This marks my first post in Two months.

Twos, like toadstools, like diys, like ecoliving, are Small. Twos turn to threes. Here’s hoping Living Small makes it to three. And that posts return sooner than March.

Thanks for Two years, Smallers. Thanks for hangin’.


4 Responses to “Two.”

  1. Amanda said

    Many happy returns of the day, sweet bloggy!

    (And so glad to see you up and about!)

  2. The Choir said

    Congrats! I love reading Living Small as I Live Large, but hope soon to be Living Medium.

    The Choir

  3. Jacqueline said

    oh, my heart is to live small. I want to learn i plan to downsize

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